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DWG File Version Converter

convert dwg file version

DWG Version Converter can help you convert DWG file version, such as convert DWG 2010 to DWG R12, convert AutoCAD DWG to AutoCAD 2010 and so on. If you are looking for a DWG 12 to 2011 converter freeware, please have a try with this all-in-one DWG file version converter.

AutoCAD has more than twenty versions since the AutoCAD Version 1.0 in 1982 till the latest AutoCAD 2011. And its native file format DWG also has lots of versions from DWG R1.0 to DWG 2011. It is troublesome to handle all the old and new DWG file formats. While DWG Version Converter is the best solution to this problem, which can convert DWG formats between almost all versions both from low to high and from high to low.

Free download DWG Version Converter and easily manage all your DWG files of any version.


How to convert AutoCAD DWG file Version

Download and install DWG Version Converter, then launch this software. There is no need to install or launch AutoCAD.

dwg version converter

Check "Version Conversion" to get started. (As you can see, this tool also helps convert DXF to DWG and convert DWG to DXF. )

Step 1. Click the upper "Add Files " button to load the DWG files needed to convert.

You can choose to load a single file, a folder with (or without) subfolders.

Step 2. Select the output version.

Almost all AutoCAD versions and DWG file versions are supported, as shown below:

Step 3. Click the lower "Target folder " button to set the output path.

Check the above option to directly save output files in the same folder as source files.

Step 4. Click "Start " button to start the converting.

After a while, you will get DWG files in specified version. This DWG Version Converter is the most handy tool to convert DWG format between all AutoCAD versions for your various uses.

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